CCNA 1 (v5.02)


CCNA 1: Introduction to Basic Network is the first of the four courses prompting the Cisco ensured Network Associate (CCNA) assignment. CCNA 1 presents Cisco Organizing Academy Program understudies to the systems administration field. The course  spotlights on system wording and conventions, local area network (LANs), wide-area network (WANs), Open System Interconnection (OSI) models, cabling, cabling instruments, switches, switch configuration, Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP) tending to, and system measures. Furthermore, guideline and preparing are given in the correct consideration, upkeep, what's more utilization of systems administration programming, devices, and supplies and all neighborhood, state, and government wellbeing, building, and ecological codes and regulations.

Course Outline

1. CCNA 1 Introduction
2. Networking Basics
3. Cisco IOS and CLI
4. Beginning Network Addressing PT Activity
5. Communicating on a Network - Page 1
6. Communicating on a Network - Page 2
7. Communicating on a Network - Page 3
8. Communicating on a Network - Page 4
9. Physical Layer
10. Data Link Layer
11. Ethernet

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